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Signia Hearing Aids in Merritt Island, Titusville and Fort Walton Beach, FL

One of the top-manufacturers our company is proud to pair with is Signia Hearing Aids, formally known as Siemens hearing instruments. As one of the world’s oldest hearing aid brands, Signia is well-known for its technological advancements and ability to address many long-standing challenges with traditional hearing aids. Learn more about Signia’s product line and how you can benefit from some of the most advanced technologies on the market.

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Made with smart technology and a slim and stylish design, Styletto is the first-ever receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid. With innovative charging options such as full charge in three hours, as well as a 30-minute fast-charge option, this solution is excellent for everyone. Styletto also features the Styletto Connect, offering all of the line’s stellar hearing aid solutions and doubling as high-tech earbuds that provide full Bluetooth connectivity.

Signia Xperience

The Signia Xperience platform totes the first acoustic-motion sensors. By picking up on a wearer’s ever-changing hearing needs – even when moving – the Signia Xperience adheres to an on-the-go lifestyle. The unique acoustic motion sensors deliver superior sound processing, so you can receive the most personalized and natural sound no matter the circumstances. The Signia Xperience platform includes:

  • Pure 312 X – With an incredibly discreet design, these hearing aids provide fully-featured Bluetooth connectivity, the first integrated acoustic-motion sensors, natural own voice processing, efficient speech understanding, and more!
  • Pure Charge&Go X – With 20% extra battery capacity, this rechargeable RIC (receiver in canal) provides full flexibility and convenience as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Some other significant features include a remote-control option, dynamic soundscape processing, and a new and improved rocker switch.

Signia Nx

The Signia Nx line features state-of-the-art solutions that are capable of replicating the natural experience of hearing the world around you in complete harmony. The hearing aids include:

  • Insio NX ICT/ITE – A Bluetooth enabled, in-the-ear hearing aid to best fit your ear anatomy and deliver the most optimal speech comprehension.
  • Motion Charge & Go Nx – Offering strong and reliable housing with the convenience of wireless rechargeability, this hearing aid type totes one of the most natural own voice processing.
  • Insio NX – These tiny hearing aids are incredibly discreet and deliver top-notch sound quality.
  • Pure 10 NX – These fully automatic hearing aids offer pure simplicity for hassle-free listening, catering to your hearing issues no matter the scope.


Signia offers a wide range of highly-innovative accessories for your convenience. No matter if you need solutions to better control your hearing aids or a better TV listening experience, we have you covered. Our hearing aid accessories include the following:

StreamLine TV

Feed audio from your television directly into your hearing aids. You’ll enjoy multiple listener support as well as easy remote-control options through the Signia app.

StreamLine Mic

Receive hands-free audio streaming of music and phone calls in premium stereo quality. The StreamLine Mic is compatible with any Bluetooth compatible smartphone.


Ideal for anyone wishing to have discreet and convenient control over their hearing aids.

Hearing Tests

When you’re ready to invest in Signia hearing aids, the first step should be to get a professional hearing test. At Sound Hearing Centers, we offer Merritt and Titusville, FL residents no obligation, free of charge hearing tests. This way, you can understand the full scope of your hearing needs before investing in Signia hearing aids. We will help you understand which type of hearing aids would best suit your unique needs.

Schedule a Free Comprehensive Hearing Test