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Phonak Hearing Aids in Merritt Island, Titusville and Fort Walton Beach, FL

Here at Sound Hearing Centers, we are proud to offer Phonak hearing aids that allow you to thrive socially and emotionally. No matter the scope of your hearing loss, Phonak is continually coming up with the solutions needed to overcome even the most challenging hearing situations. Learn more about the Phonak products we offer.


Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Audéo™ Marvel

These hearing aids offer less listening effort through better speech understanding, as well as the ability to connect to your iOS, Android, or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Phonak Virto™ Marvel

This is a custom hearing aid with the look and functionality of an earbud. These hearing aids include features like hands-free calls, music streaming, Roger™ microphones, and more.

Phonak Virto M-Titanium™ Marvel

Made from titanium, this is Phonak’s latest generation of discreet and custom hearing aids.

Phonak Naída™ Marvel

This hearing aid offers powerful and rich sound, hands-free calls, Bluetooth streaming, and maximum reliability through IP68 water and dust resistance rating.

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

The world’s first child-specific operating system, providing an optimal listening experience in situations like noisy classrooms and outdoor playgrounds.

Phonak Bolero™ Marvel

For mild to severe hearing loss, these hearing aids offer maximum reliability with powerful rechargeable technology and many other features that make all-day hearing and streaming possible.

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Phonak has a wide range of hearing aid compatible accessories and tools to make your hearing experience even better. Some of these innovative accessories include the following:

Phonak PartnerMic™

This easy-to-use and discreet remote microphone are excellent for those situations when you need a little extra assistance hearing those one-on-one conversations as clearly as possible.

Phonak RemoteControl

When you require a discreet and convenient way to control your Phonak hearing aids, we offer a remote control to manage their main functions efficiently.

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Roger Select™

Finally, a solution that allows you to feel like a part of the conversations happening around you. This device seamlessly switches between speakers, giving you the ability to understand group conversation up to 61% better than with hearing aids alone.

Roger Table Mic II

This technological advancement was designed with your workday in mind. Participate in large meetings, stay charged for a full workday, and enjoy a fully automatic device sure to improve your overall work experience.

TV Connector

With top-rated sound quality and a more straightforward plug and play set up, the Phonak TV Connector allows an unlimited amount of hearing aids to be connected to this one, easy-to-use device.

Hearing Tests

You may have decided Phonak is the brand you’d like to go with but understanding the scope of your hearing needs is the utmost importance. We offer free of charge, no-obligation hearing tests for those looking into investing in Phonak hearing aids. This way, you can make sure your investment addresses your unique hearing needs fully.

Schedule a Free Comprehensive Hearing Test