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Jennifer Johnson

Office Manager and Hearing Aid Specialist Assistant. A resident of Brevard County for over 20 years, Jennifer is married and is a mother of two. Jennifer successfully managed two companies prior to joining the Sound Hearing Centers team in 2006 and brings to us management oversight of our multiple locations in Brevard County. Jennifer has taken it upon herself to learn and understand the problems and frustration that people with hearing loss and their families must deal with on a daily basis. By doing so, she offers “Our Family” of Patients compassion and enduring understanding when approaching Sound Hearing Centers for help. Jennifer is truly a Patient Advocate.

Michelle Hinton

Michelle Hinton is the Patient Care Coordinator for Sound Hearing Centers – Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.

She has worked in the hearing aid industry for 13 years and enjoys helping our patients with their hearing needs. Michelle finds it rewarding when they put their new hearing aids in for the first time and we can see their faces just light up because they can hear again.

“But the most special part is when they come back for their first follow up and say, ‘I can hear the birds again’ or ‘I can hear my grandchild’s voice!’ “ she said. “To me, that’s the best part!”

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